36 (Johnson)


HP Pavilion dv1000 with Lexicon Alpha
N. Keokuk, Chicago, IL

This was cheating but since I made the rules for this stupid project, then I can break them (and I will probably have to create/break more in the future if I ever want to finish). I knew that it would be while before I could get a proper album out so I decided to release the raw demo tracks. Unfortunately for me, "raw demo tracks" means rehearsed with a million takes. But I was already getting a couple of years behind and I had other life priorities. Besides the time issue (which is really just a cop-out), I also wanted to force myself to practice and develop my performance skills and possibly make it easier for when it was time to do Kennedy. Up to now I was still mostly a home-recording artist and not very good in front of people with getting nervous and forgetting lyrics and chords etc. So this "album" represents Maxel Toft songs in their purest form. This is the way I write most of them straight through words and guitar (or banjo) in the folk style with no proper solo breaks or bridges but maybe one alternate part that usually becomes an intro or interlude. This album is meant as an exercise and comparison to the final arrangements found on Kennedy (which are really not all that different in this case except with more instruments).

A successful artist would probably have released these tracks as promo or bonus but here they are as an excuse for a mp3 album. This was the first Maxel Toft album to not have a CD so I produced a (collector item) sticker designed by Dowie Partners with a URL to the download.