30 (Coolidge)

Janelle LAH vocals: In Passing

Mixed by Andy Deitrich
Mastered by Peter Andreadis for All City Mastering

Giving and Receiving
Prayin' Hands
The Flood
Double-Negative Love
In Passing



Please stay away from physical labor
It's bringing you quickly nowhere
As long as you're breathing
You'll barely break even
Crunch numbers on spreadsheets
And safely retreat
To a field knit with wires
And retire

Giving and Receiving

Love is there beneath the frost line
Love is there above the tree line
Love is there by your side
Peace unto thee be multiplied

You are a gift to me
A constant epiphany
So I'll give my gifts to you
Communal and in solitude

Love is there . . .

I am a gift to you
A fountain of revenue
So I'll keep your gifts to me
Forgiveness and apologies

Love is there . . .

If we are a gift and God is love
How could we not receive more than enough?

Love is there . . .


The Latchkey Kids say
The Ladies of the Church are
Shouting at The Man Upstairs
They are saying prayers
For enough pots of coffee
Cookies for an army
And kool-aid for The Latchkey Kids

The Ladies of the Church say
The Latchkey Kids are
Shouting at The Man Upstairs
They aren't saying prayers
They are cursing like sailors
Stealing from their neighbors
And singing with the Ladies of the Church


Stick out your tongue
And show me your teeth
Fold your upper lip
All underneath
Hold onto your breath until
You barely can breathe
Gimme a face

Smile scary wide
And show me your gums
Puff out your cheeks
And suck on your thumb
Bang on your head
Like a bongo drum
Gimme a face

Squinch up your nose
And wiggle your ears
Fill up your eyes
With crocodile tears
Don't move a whisker
For a couple of years
Gimme a face

Find it and fight it
And frame it and freeze
Bend back and breakdance
Spin and say cheese
Stuck on the fridge
You're a masterpiece
Gimme a face

Prayin' Hands

Prayin' hands
Jumping off a rock ledge

Prayin' hands
Chopping through the water

Prayin' hands
Swimming like a shark fin

Prayin' hands
Diving down deep and praying


Open both your eyes and take turns winking at the sky
Peddle both your feet as if you're riding on a bike
Put your hands together while you wave them in the air
But do not fall asleep while in prayer

The world is upside down, it's like your walking on the ceiling
Or lying on your side until your arm has lost all feeling
Roll onto your stomach like you're crawling in a cave
But do not fall asleep while you pray

Whisper like you're yelling and you can't disturb your neighbor
Or use a foreign accent that is iffy to decipher
Mumble like there's marbles if you gather what I'm saying
But do not fall asleep while you are praying

The Flood

God gave Noah that rainbow sign
But everybody died first, everybody died

Saved some animals and I'm not proud
'Cause everybody drownded, everybody drowned

What should we do with a message like this?
Put it on a flannelgraph and teach it to the kids

Double-Negative Love

Don't go telling no one
Don't know not where to begin
I ain't going to not love you again

I don't never need someone
This can't be no way to get by
Man there ain't no way I'll be alright

I shouldn't neither stay here
Nor not go away or give up
Boy this isn't not positively love

In Passing

Every once and a while
Someone comes to mind
I only ever encountered
A couple of times
Reflect on what we did
And somewhat reminisce
I wonder where they are
And if we'll pass again
Or even recognize
That we had shared a bond
This is what remains
And now we're moving on

"In Retrospect"