25 (McKinley)


Zoom R16 and Cubase AI Elements 8
W. Winona, Chicago, IL

This is a simple album of a bunch of pieces that didn't really fit anywhere except together. Some are really old and redone. Some are older and didn't fit on other recordings and some are new pairings of music and words. Every piece was recorded in one take with no edits but there are also songs where vocals and instruments were recorded together in one take. I got tired of mixing through Cubase so I mixed directly on the Zoom R16 and am pleased with the change. I didn't bother adding bass guitar like I normally do and really went even more minimalist on some of these pieces than usual. Hectograph Machine is just a three finger banjo in D tuning solo. I seem to have a ton of D tuning instrumentals and I didn't feel like expanding on this one. This song is short but took a while to record because I would eventually mess up somewhere and play a wrong string or something. I was playing To Pieces on banjo with a friend and came up with this picking pattern and decided to record a new version. It was originally supposed to be more of a bluegrass style but I liked slowing it down and then the harmonica completed it. Longing is another redo because I came up with some new lyrics. I also was curious to see if it could stand with just an accompanying drum instead of guitar and/or bass. Foolish Gospel has a really old guitar part that used to go with different lyrics but I decided not to develop it and instead re-purposed with these other old lyrics. Again I was interested in a song with no bass guitar and I like how sparse it is. Worry Less is a clawhammer in D tuning recorded live mainly because I change the tempo and would have had a tough time matching with overdubs. The words were written first and then the instrumental licks were paired up and then the vocal melody developed last. After The Feast is a clawhammer in G tuning recorded live mainly out of laziness in developing but also so it would fit with the other two banjo pieces. I think it could be a cool song with more instruments like fiddle or something. The words are stolen and forced to fit in with the previously written banjo licks. Classic non-religious religious-folk-parody. The Toddler is a piece that just didn't fit on any previous album and still doesn't fit here except that it is a banjo/vocal song and could be tagged on to the end of this similar set of songs. Classic non-childrens childrens-folk-parody.