23 (Harrison)


Zoom R16 and Cubase AI Elements 8
W. Winona, Chicago, IL
Sturgeon Bay, WI

This a purge of guitar led songs and lyrics. Some of these songs were really meant to "rock out" but I stuck with the acoustic guitar and really didn't end up pairing them up with vocal melodies or lyrics that could really jam. But they all seemed to be unique and interesting enough to produce anyway. Some of my favorite parts are the vocal layers that I hadn't been using all that much lately. The guitar parts were written at various times just messing around with patterns so a lot ended up being more chromatic. And then that made for interesting vocal lines to lay over top. I also had some random drum ideas that I was able to use so it ends up being a drum heavy collection. It didn't seem necessary to spend time adding things like bass guitar since I was only interested in getting the guitar parts out and seeing what vocals and drums fit. This is the last stuff that I recorded in our house in Chicago. I cannot remember if I recorded drums first or guitar but I know that I recorded the drums upstairs and vocals in the basement. If I did guitar in the basement then I must have done drums first to a scratch track. At some point before 26 or 25 I simplified my drumset and I am still happy with that decision here. I mixed this myself and I test mixes on various systems and a good one is always a car stereo. We traded our car in shortly after I mixed this down and forgot to take the CD out so I wonder if anyone listened to it or could even get past the first song. Lob Pine is a pairing of an unused drum part with a guitar lick I didn't want to develop. A signpost for this collection. I like the chord progression for Boat Anchor. And it doesn't seem like it, but Similarity turned out better than I expected. It's a hit. Progressing has a picking pattern I didn't know what to do with but then it made sense to add the second part with that nice vocal weave. Braided Rug Of Worn Out Clothes has some nice thumb picking fun and more vocal layers. This stuff just didn't need to be developed. Another verse or alternate lyrics would have ruined it. I updated gender neutral lyrics for this old song Background and have wanted to do an acoustic version for a while now. I couldn't ever figure out how to use this really old chromatic lick in Abstract so paired it up here also with unused drums and lyrics to clean 'em all out. The words to Milk And Eggs were too cheesy for a folk song so purposely paired with an unlikely guitar riff. This song just exists for the drum beat.