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Words: Emma Toft (1971) & Design: Comfort Cartel (2020)

Our home was in the woods
near Ephraim.

My mother went to find food
in the early morning.

I waited and waited
so I became hungry
and followed her track by scent.

She lay dead on the road.

Suddenly a truck stopped.

The driver picked me up
and kept me warm.

He drove on and on
then down a narrow road
with tall evergreen trees
on each side.

Finally he stopped
at an old, old house
near the water.

He took me into the kitchen
that was warm and cheerful.

A gentle woman
gave me warm milk
from an eyedropper.

The man drove away.

I had a cozy basket
to sleep in
behind the wood burning stove.

The kitchen and front porch
were my home.

Everyone was kind to me,
even Hunter
the English Cocker.

One day
the woman put a collar around my neck.

After that she used a leash
and took me everywhere,
even to the market.

Then we drove a long ways.

I was taken to the Vets’ office
to be defrosted.

Later I heard her say
she would not have had it done
but feared someone
might frighten me
and get sprayed.

One man,
Mr. Murl Deusing
was very kind to me.

He asked if he could take me to Milwaukee
during the winter
to help him teach children via TV
that I was a friend to all.

So I became a television star.

When winter came
he put me in his warm basement.

I kept very warm
by hiding myself in straw.

There were raccoons
in the basement
but they never hid themselves
in the straw.

I was warm and happy
but always wished to be back in the forest
with my true friends.

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